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Whether restoration, preparation, expert opinions or other services. In this area more than 300,000 search queries are made every month. Your entry on OLDTIMERTREND directs the attention of our customers directly to your offers.

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With an entry, you increase the visibility, retrievability and relevance. Your company becomes visible to our customers.

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Our customers collect, restore or invest in vintage cars of all price categories. If you have similar requirements, you can still benefit from a targeted approach.

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Digitize your company

The term "digitization" is nothing new. As early as the beginning of the seventies, it was introduced to our linguistic usage. At the time, especially in companies that wanted to improve their internal processes in payroll accounting and personnel management through computers with office systems. Increase profitability by reducing costs for unnecessary personnel, or accelerating processing in individual work steps.

Today the computer and a preinstalled office package have already become the "MUST HAVE" for every successful company. Anyone who has slept through this digitization has usually been "eaten" by the competition and is no longer active on the market today.

What can be done from today's point of view in order not to get into such a dangerous situation in future?

The answer: Strong customer loyalty through targeted communication!

Nowadays people are flooded with advertising every day. Whether you want or not, the mailbox or the e-mailbox is usually full.

But if you need a product, then you look at the appropriate advertising a bit more. And will buy the advertised product under normal circumstances. If you have no need, then this advertisement usually ends up in the basket!

We at OLDTIMERTREND have understood, implemented and offer it to you. Targeted addressing of our customers, in which the specific needs of a service or a product have already been identified.

Benefit from this kind of digitization for companies and create your personal entry as a service partner today.

For these companies, an entry as a service partner on our platform is particularly suitable:

Car inspectors, automotive expert, bodybuilders, operations for repairs, accident repair, restorers, autolackers, car wrapping, paint conditioner, paint care, saddler, specialists in convertible tops, preparation of interior equipment, tire dealers, wheel dealer, spare parts dealers, vintage car dealer

Companies with specialization in:

Sandblasting, dry ice blasting, powder coating, paint stripping, chrome & alloy, gearbox, engine maintenance, engine repair and electrical repairs.

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