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450SLC (1976)


Privat provider

Norbert Mohr, 97295 Waldbrunn, Germany

232.000 km, 218 HP | 160 kW, EZ Sep. 1976

Simca / Talbot

Matra Murena (1981)


Privat provider

Claudio Jung, 66892 Bruchmühlbach-Miesau, Germany

201.500 km, 115 HP | 84 kW, EZ Apr. 1981


Clio 1 (1993)


Privat provider

Markus Zuckersdorfer, 3434 Katzelsdorf, Austria

124.789 km, 54 HP | 39 kW, EZ Feb. 1993


PICK UP (1940)


Privat provider

ERICH VOLK, 8786 Rottenmann, Austria

67.168 km, 90 HP | 66 kW, EZ Jul. 1940


SR2E (1964)


Privat provider

Krisztina Jilling, 4026 Debrecen, Hugary

0 km, -, EZ Jan. 1964


SR2E (1963)


Privat provider

Krisztina Jilling, 4026 Debrecen, Hugary

0 km, -, EZ Jan. 1963

Johnson Phantom

Exalibur (1989)


Privat provider

Hans Freytag, 18356 Pruchten, Germany

24.461 km, 107 HP | 78 kW, EZ Dec. 1989


Shoebox (1951)


Privat provider

Steven Ritzau, 10589 Berlin, Germany

6.000 km, 75 HP | 55 kW, EZ Jul. 1951


4 (1991)


Privat provider

Pfluegner Daniel, 86971 Peiting, Germany

10 km, -, EZ Jan. 1991


500 L (1968)


Privat provider

Angelo Cali, 63543 Neuberg, Germany

69.800 km, 18 HP | 13 kW, EZ Nov. 1968


500 F (1975)


Privat provider

Angelo Cali, 63543 Neuberg, Germany

30.423 km, 18 HP | 13 kW, EZ Jun. 1975



Caravelle 1100 (1967)


Privat provider

Jürgen B, 26810 Westoverledingen, Germany

106.000 km, 52 HP | 38 kW, EZ Sep. 1967


Pick Up K 2500 (1991)


Privat provider

H.-P. Metz, 82487 Oberammergau, Germany

53.000 km, -, EZ Apr. 1991



E 300 (1991)


Privat provider

Jürgen Dreher, 41844 Wegberg, Germany

262.000 km, 180 HP | 132 kW, EZ Jan. 1991

Rolls Royce

Silver Cloud III (1963)


Privat provider

Luigi La Marca, 39100 Bozen, Italy

43.452 km, 199 HP | 146 kW, EZ Feb. 1963

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