You want to sell your Youngtimer or classic car? You’ve come to the right place.

These days you can make the sale of your car happen through a few clicks. How well does this process work? You can quickly run up against a wall at established online marketplaces, whether through a dearth of comparable offers or lack of interest. At the OLDTIMERTREND marketplace these worries are finally a thing of the past.

Whether you’re a dealer or a private seller: you get the best sales advice at OLDTIMERTREND

Before selling an Oldtimer or Youngtimer you probably face a stack of questions.

  • How much is my classic car worth?
  • How much can I advertise my classic car for?
  • Where can I find a vehicle marketplace with similar classic cars for comparison?

You will find all the answers you need to these questions at OLDTIMERTREND. And thanks to the versatile functions and comparable offers you need only this one launching pad for selling your Old- or Youngtimer; you don’t need to waste time looking at catalogues or other websites or even pay brokerage fees!

OLDTIMERTREND helps you sell your Oldtimer at the best possible price

Just as with normal vehicles the selling price of an Oldtimer plays a decisive role in the sale. Therefore it is important to list the correct price in your advertisement. If your price is too favourable you don’t only lose money but interested parties might get the impression that there is something wrong with the vehicle. If you are too expensive, you won’t receive any enquiries. It doesn’t matter whether you want to sell a collector’s item with rare bodywork or a warhorse, like many of the BMW convertibles, a Beetle, or a Porsche 911.

How much is my Oldtimer worth and what price can I advertise it for?

At OLDTIMERTREND’s special Oldtimer Value Assessment section you can value your Young- or Oldtimer yourself, in the comfort of your own home, and in this way determine a market-orientated value for a lucrative sale. The valuation function takes comparison value as well as a series of individual factors into account for determining the value of a classic vehicle. It employs an extremely user-friendly 5-point system to assess the condition of the vehicle.

Where can I find other classic cars for comparison?

It is natural for people to get an overview and compare prices and offers - whether at online mail order facilities, online auctions or at a flea-market - before selling a vehicle. The question arises of where to find a comparable Oldtimer? Because by looking at the ads for matching Oldtimers one quickly gets a feel for the right price range for your own advertisement. At OLDTIMERTREND we conceived the Online Marketplace specially for buying and selling as well as the accurate valuation of classic cars.

Where can I advertise my classic car – free, if possible?

Fortunately, there is a simple answer to this question: what better place for your Oldtimer advertisement than OLDTIMERTREND’s Oldtimer Marketplace? With just a few clicks you can list your Young- or Oldtimer and then sell it.

You have an overview on all your listed Oldtimers and can manage, activate or deactivate your listings at any time from your Personal Account on OLDTIMERTREND – convenient and completely free.