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Passion for classics? You’re at the right place at OLDTIMERTREND.

We are in love. In love with the charm of our Oldtimers. With the nostalgia that they convey, the purring of their engines. And we share your passion for classic automobiles and support it: OLDTIMERTREND is the right choice for all your questions, desires and ideas.

Whether you’re a Young- or Oldtimer fan, just interested or an investor: as one of the biggest platforms for classic vehicles we offer you, apart from around 40.000 vehicles, all the tools and assistance in deciding on the perfect Oldtimer for you: our excellent understanding of the Oldtimer market supports you in making the right choice.

What does OLDTIMERTREND’s offer promise?

Compact and uninterrupted Oldtimer trading on a website as well as on our app:

  • You have very high standards in your search for a true classic automobile?
  • You need to find another home for your Young- or Oldtimer?
  • You require transport for your car to a new owner, a fair or an international flash tour?
  • You’re wondering what your vehicle is currently worth? Is it better to restore it, sell it or keep it
  • Are you investigating whether your gem is sufficiently insured taking into account its appreciation?

OLDTIMERTREND is the right starting place for all your questions. You’ll find from convertibles and coupés through Kombis and roadsters to small busses and overland vehicles: many evergreens and particularly beautiful rare classic vehicles with us at Oldtimer & Youngtimer Marketplace.

We unite buyers and sellers interests and combine research, comparison, value assessment, buying and selling of your classic cars for you simply and clearly.

Advertising, buying or selling? With our comprehensive offer you’re on the right track.

As your first stop platform OLDTIMERTREND offers you an overview over a large part of the available Young- and Oldtimers on the entire European market. Many interested parties are looking at OLDTIMERTREND. You can take advantage of much-frequented results lists and many useful functions should you wish to advertise you Young-or Oldtimer.

Be inspired to shop on our online marketplace: you can peruse around 40 000 listings by dealers as well as private sellers, or do a targeted search for rarities and specific brands or models, year of manufacture, drive type or mileage or many other criteria. Young- or Oldtimer: at OLDTIMERTREND you’ll find your dream car.

Investing in classic cars the right way

In times of low interest rates and extravagant property prices Oldtimers can be one of the most lucrative financial investments. With the help of our value assessment you can find out what you’re Oldtimer is worth and which returns you can reasonably expect on your classic. Or let us determine the current selling price for your vehicle. Totally simple and uncomplicated – no complex research: our database calculates the current market value of classic vehicles on the basis of a structured query of sales data. Factors like the model, overall condition and mileage of the vehicles influence the valuation.

Whether you’re a Youngtimer or Oldtimer enthusiast, just interested or an investor: OLDTIMERTREND is first to offer you a reliable valuation that makes the buying and selling of these popular cars simple and transparent.

With us SERVICE is written in capital letters!

As true all-rounders we are there for you: take advantage of our close collaboration with our business associates.

You want to have your Oldtimer transported properly? No problem! You can request a non-binding quote from us to make use of the numerous services offered by our service partners. This will ensure that your gem arrives at its destination unharmed and well-maintained.

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Whatever option you choose, at OLDTIMERTREND you can be sure: We share your passion and attach particularly value to making your classic wish come true.